A+ Kids TV

Grow Smart

A+ Kids TV provides children aged of 4-8 quality, fun and comprehensive programs on learning skills development and preparing to school through multi-platform support and help them to "Grow Smart".

A+ kids TV
A+ is an innovative TV that provides children aged 4-8 quality and fun programs encouraging them to successfully cope with challenges posed by life at this age.

A+ Goal
A+ goal is to help kids believe in their abilities and talents so they are able to successfully prove themselves over and over again before and during their first years at school.

Target Audience
Children aged 4-8 years.

Our Challenges
Our main challenges are to help young people to develop a life-long love for reading, positive attitude to math and problem solving and to give them emotional support for school preparation and provide them a friendly introduction to facts of life.

Multi-platform Access
A+ is adjusted to the international market and is accessible through Linear, VOD/SVOD, Web and Mobile Application.

Looking for a specific thematic or channel?
Check out our full portfolio and consult us, we might be able to help you to find the channel you are looking for.