Luxury in high definition

LUXE.TV is the number one global television network exclusively dedicated to the world of luxury and the art of living, broadcast inUHD 4K and HD, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The programs are translated and broadcast in both English and French.

LUXE.TV is broadcast in more that 120 countries. Via 130 operators, LUXE.TV has over 26 million of households subscribers in the world.

LUXE.TV offers short documentary type programs, exclusively filmed, edited and broadcast in HD and UHD 4K. And since June 2016, the UHD 4K version of LUXE.TV is available 24 hours a day, 7 days of week, with operators around the world.

LUXE.TV programming:

The week, from Monday to Thursday, 24 hours a day: a one-hour loop on the current luxury and lifestyle news is broadcast 24 times a day. This one-hour loop is composed on average of 25 minutes of LUXE.TODAY reports on the current luxury and lifestyle news, fresh content produced in-house, followed by five minutes of BEST OF WEB programs, and followed by LUXE.THISWEEK program, a compilation of the best reports from LUXE.TODAY.

On the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, a loop of 8 hours of programs: LUXE.THISWEEK presents a compilation of the best reports from LUXE.TODAY alternating with the DESTINATION Special and BEST OF WEB programs in a format of one hour for each program.

These reports (LUXE.TODAY and LUXE.THISWEEK) are classed into 12 themes:

- Luxurious Timepieces
- Gastronomy for Every Season
- Jewels, the Collections
- Hip, Chic & Trendy
- Kids do Luxury
- Fast Cars, Fast Bikes, Fast Boats
- Fashion & Fashionable
- Fascinating Design, Fabulous Buildings
- Life & Lifestyle Highlights
- Amazing Hightech
- Exotic & Incredible Escapes
- Red Carpets for VIP’s

DESTINATION Special: Reports that explore different countries, cultures and traditions. DESTINATION Special is an invitation to travel and discover the most beautiful places on the planet. Hotels, museums, shopping, arts, craft, and gastronomy are at the heart of this program focused on a theme, a city or country. DESTINATION Special is broadcast each weekend, 6 times a day.

BEST OF WEB: Everyday during the week, from Monday to Thursday, after the LUXE.TODAY reports, BEST OF WEB is a chance to watch or watch again, in HD or UHD 4K on the big screen, the favourite reports of internet viewers. On the weekend, BEST OF WEB, a one hour program broadcast 3 times a day, offers in descending order of preference, the most viewed reports on our website

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